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Chris Hung

Complete Works



Shanghai Tang for soprano and orchestra (arrangment) (2018)

Pamier for soprano and orchestra (arrangment) (2018)

Ballet Aquatique for violin and harp (2018)

Inkling of Zephyr for bass clarinet and marimba (2018)

Villain Hitting Under the bridge in Causeway Bay for piano, violin, viola and cello (2018)

Towards a Harmonious World II for alto saxophone, 2 guitars, 2 mandolins, left-hand piano (2017)

Divertimento for two flutes (2017)

Bald Mountain . Echoed Sound (Version for Western Ensemble) (2014, rev. 2017)

Bald Mountain . Echoed Sound (Version for Chinese Ensemble) (2010, rev. 2017)

Cold City for solo marimba (2015, 2017 rev.)

Symphony No.3 "Metamorphosis On A Soul's Incarnation" for orchestra (2016)

Unto the Twilight Zone for piano solo and ensemble (2016)

We Are All Jubileans for Choir (BHJS 55th Anniversary Theme Song)(2016)

Variation of Doming Lam's Theme for piano (2016)

Samsara II for guitar and left-hand piano (2014, 2016)

Fragmented Memory for bass clarinet, bass flute, accordion and piano (2016)

Kyrie for 4- part mixed chorus (2016)

Sands of Time for solo bassoon (2016)

Voyage with Six Dragons for large orchestra (2012, 2016)

Variation of Chung Chi College Theme Song for Chinese ensemble (2015)

Leaving for string quartet (2015)

The Yu Lan Festival for large Chinese orchestra (2015)

The Feast of Yu Lan for Chinese ensemble (2014-15)

Epitome for piccolo, viola and cello (2014)

Moksha for cello and piano (2014)

Karma for viola and piano (2014)

Samsara for violin and piano (2014)

Forest's Dance for percussion band (2005, 2014)

Palace of Heaven for saxophone & zheng (2012)

Dectet for 10 instruments (2012)

Comsos for Chinese Ensemble (2011, 2012)

Metamorphosis of Dragon's Six Levels for orchestra (2012)

Scars of Time for violin (2010)

Symphonic Prelude for orchestra (2009)

Then Evening Lantern Festival for soprano and orchestra (2009)

Stone Sentinel Maze for 6 instruments (2006)

Symphony No.2 "Towards a Harmonious World" (2006)

Symphony No.1 (2005)

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