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Past Performances in 2016


Sands of Time

for solo bassoon (2011, 16)

Date: 8:00 pm, 19th Nov, 2016


World Premiere (Boston, USA)


Performer: Watford

First Prize, 32nd ALEA III International Composition Competition 2016

Venue: Marshl Chapel, Boston, USA



We Are All Jubileans 

for piano and choir (2016)

Date: 19th Nov, 2016

Lyrics: Chris Hung


World Premiere (Hong Kong)



Venue: Bishop Hall Jubilee School

Conductor: Alston Ng

Performers: Bishop Hall Jubilee School Choir


String Quartet No.2 (2007, rev. 2016)

Musicarama 2016

Date: 14th Nov, 2016


Hong Kong Performance



Performers:  RTHK Quartet

Conductor: Angus Lee

Venue:  Hong Kong City Hall



Variation on Doming Lam's Theme 

for piano (2016)

Date: 29th Aug, 2016 


World Premiere (Hong Kong)



Performer: Nancy Loo

Venue: AC Hall. HKBU



Fragmented Memory 
for bass clarinet, bass flute, accordion and piano (2016) 


Date: 14th Aug, 2016  and 15th Aug, 2016  


World Premiere (Vienna, Austria)


The First Vienna-Hong Kong Festival

Performer:  Ensemble Chromoson

Venue: MuTH (Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben)


Voyage with Six Dragons 
for large orchestra  (2011, revised 2016) 


Date: 31st May, 2016 


World Premiere (Beijing, China)


2016 Beijing Modern Music Festival

Performer:  EOS Repertoire Orchestra

Conductor: Jiao Yang

Venue:  CCOM Concert Hall


for string quartet (2016) 


Date: 14th Jan, 2016 


World Premiere (Hong Kong)


SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape

Performer:  RTHK Quartet

Venue:  HKICC Lee Shauk Kee School of Creativity


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