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Ever-changing Veins of Stone (2010)

for flute, cello and piano


1. World Premiere (Poland)

Prize-Winning Award Concert (Poznan, Poland)


Date: 13th Apr, 2011

Duration: 7.5 minutes

Venue: Aula Hall, Poznan, Poland

Performers: Members of Poznan Symphony Orchestra


Video recording:

and Audio recording: (Upload soon)




2. USA Premiere

Orchestra of Our Time (OOT) 

Venue: USA, OOT Studio

Performers: Members of OOT 




3. Taiwan Premiere

2011 Asian Composers' League Concert

Date: 30th Nov, 11

Duration: 9.5 minutes

Venue: Taichung NTSO Concert Hall

Conductor: Dr. Chris Hung

Performers: Members of NTSO Orchestra


Audio recording:



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